This blog takes a bit of a break from our usual topic of writing but we felt it important to blog about our milestones today! If you’ve seen our Facebook page then you will know that today is an important day for us (and no it’s not because it’s star wars day)!!

We are celebrating a triple whammy of things:

  • We have been in business for 20 years! Where did that time go?!
  • Julian Newman has been with us for 1 year
  • Kirsty officially starts her apprenticeship to become a broker

We started off the day with cakes and tea (a great way to start any day I think) and then had lunch from Dominoes as a team, after all we had to test out the new branch, it would be rude not to.


I’m writing this blog as the newest member of the team and I just so happen to be the daughter of Barry and Denise. So this is all coming from my point of view. At 24 years old my parents have been running this business for pretty much as long as I can remember and they’ve worked extremely hard to build up their reputation. As a child I thought that a lot of the lenders were people so I have really grown up around it! I now feel proud to be coming into the family business and training to get my apprenticeship. I will constantly be striving to achieve the bar of excellence which they have set.

I also can’t believe that Julian has already been at The Mortgage Exchange for a year. It’s flown by! I feel that he has bought with him a different skill set which excellently compliments that of Barry and Denise. I again bring a different skill set (having previously trained in an entirely different career) and this means that we all work well as a team. It’s a great place to be – particularly when you’re all sat down to a nice celebratory lunch together!

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