This form asks you for the information we require in order to source a mortgage for you and if appropriate run an Agreement in Principle (AIP).

Below you will see a red bar at the top, underneath the form heading, this moves as you go through the form to update you on how far through it you are. Below this bar you will see some headings in green, these are the different parts of the form and will help you navigate through it if you want to go back and change something. If you scroll down past these you will find the questions.

The form is interactive so as you go through it and answer questions more boxes might pop up. This is to ensure we have all the information from you which we need.

On some questions you will notice that there is an i.jpg in a circle next to the question, if you hover over the i it will give you more information about what the question is asking for.

Once you have completed the form successfully you will be taken to a consent form – this will allow us to process your data. This is a digital signature and you do not need to print and sign. Once you have signed the consent form you will then be redirected to our website. Here you will find more about us and a best buys table amongst other things.


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